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andrea (drebee) wrote,
@ 2003-06-29 10:01:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:the remedy- jason mraz

    yeh way to call...
    alright, so yeh i told u yesterday that richie and i were going to hang out cuz it was his last night home..whoa, no clue what happened to that plan. so he said he would call me later...never did. so i called answer. alright, maybe hes out to dinner or something, who knows, like getting stuff for camp or something along those lines. so i called him again, no answer. ok dont freak out, hes not avoiding you, so i went to dans, in case he didnt call me, i wouldnt be stuck at home all night. so i called him like another 2 times that night, still no answer. i was like wtf..this was our last night to hang out! but i honestly doubt that he was deliberately trying to avoid me, and i highly doubt that he was out with ppl, cuz none of his friends are home!!! im sure he went out with his parents or something like that, shopping for clothes or something, and left his phone at home. either that or he just didnt have his phone with him altogether. im not really worried about it tho, cuz i truely think he had intentions to call me, just something came up or something, but i am kind of like upset, since i wont be seeing him until like thursday night, and even then, i might have something to do, and then friday or saturday i go down the shore with my friends, and those are like the only two days that hes home before he heads off on vacation. o hoping i get a phone call today while im at my grandma's from sure i will...i hope i do.. <3

    until next time,

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