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andrea (drebee) wrote,
@ 2003-06-09 17:16:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:lil' jack sade- dixie chicks

    -almost done!-
    long time no talk! or so it seems...but w/e. wahooo!!! 8 more days of school left, and boy o boy, i cant wait for it to be over!!! although my summer is jam-packed, im still pretty excited...ahh get this...i dont have one week off this entire, i repeat this WHOLE summer. but dont get me wrong, im still going out every night, and probly mostly everyday. this summer better rock...bout my weekend though, didnt get a chance to write about it...

    saturday was fun, just hanging out at beths and watching was fun just like relaxing with them. hahahah and me and renee ran the freaking loop in the pouring rain!!! funniest thing, we were running towards the bridge, and we had three options: 1) take steps to bridge, 2) take paved pathway....3) take the hardcore dirt path. so us being all tough were like "yeh dirt path dirt path!" so we go the dirt path. bad idea. well, of course, i was the one to slip and completely fall in the stupid mud. ALL DOWN MY LEG!!! it got cut up and everything, but i didnt care, renee said i looked hardcore, so i was actually kinda proud of my fall. haha, well after our escapade, we went to mcdonalds, which totally defeats the purpose for running 4 freaking miles in the first place, but what are u gonna do. and saturday night i hung out at richies, we watched the grinch, lol, and played pool, which i almost won! haha, it was a fun night just hanging out with him. ehh, but elise likes him, and blatently told him that she did. even called him the other night to see if he was walking home, and they live in completely opposite directions. she claims that she wants things to be how they used to between her and him...and he said thats never gonna happen, cuz me and him will be going out for a while..i was so happy he said that :) but on the other hand so pissed off and confused why she doesnt understand that its over between she and him. he and i have been going out for almost 5 months now, sitll going strong, and you would think that she would get it that its over...and its pissing me off, and really getting me worried that she'll try something if one time im not there. but i trust him.

    ahhhhhh i am so f'ing exhausted, cuz i went running with pat at wee hours of the morning!!! dont ask what i was thinking, but im crazy enough to be doing it again tomorrow morning....haha i dont learn from things i guess... well im gonna go eat din din, so i can get some sleep, tomrorow richies coming with us :) haha, ameteur, jk...<3


    until tomorrow,

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