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Nisha (dreamsareevil) wrote,
@ 2011-01-19 18:33:00
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    Another one I felt the need to.. revisit.
    A Tale of Two Snows

    "Don't set yourself up only to be hurt."
    The caring phrase from a joking friend.
    Spoken too late, for I fell for you long before
    I was lost in your eyes, hung on your every word..

    "I told you so" - the bitter taunt
    Dripping poison into my shattered essence
    I know your every feature,
    From your gold-flecked green eyes,
    To your nimble fingers rolling clove..

    The smallest details still haunt me;
    Your warm breath, before you kissed my neck
    "Such beautiful lips" as you touched them,
    ever so gently with yours
    Dimples that appeared when you'd laugh
    at my reaction to your numerous antics
    The childish pout you'd use to break my glare
    when I wouldn't get the joke
    The wonderment in your eyes
    as I'd run my fingers through your hair
    'Pricklies' when you'd nuzzle my face after getting off work at 3 AM
    Even the furrow in your brow when you'd be deep in thought,
    tuning the entire world out

    I gazed at you whenever I could, genuinely entranced.
    Learned your mannerisms, quirks and even a few flaws
    We'd stare at one another for what seemed like hours
    I thought I saw your soul, for you surely saw mine..
    Maybe that was the problem.

    Why did you lead me on?
    Hug me so tightly, kiss me so softly,
    Tell me to never let go?
    Pull me closer whenever I was near?
    Push back when I tried to push you away?

    You're still here when I close my eyes,
    Your fingertips caress my face
    The taste of you forever on my lips
    Your name imprinted on my heart..

    You had my soul in the palm of your hands
    Handed it back amidst tears, and cries of how much I once meant
    Is it really so easy for you to fall out of what you called love?
    Or are you heartless enough to fake emotional bonds?

    How do you describe feeling lower than worthless?
    Though the tears flow, I can't escape a smile formed from simple irony.
    We began and ended in the place where - despite it all - I still long to be;
    Your arms.

    (March 23, 2003)

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