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B-A-N-A-N-A!!!!!!!!! (dreamredemption) wrote,
@ 2005-06-21 08:05:00
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    Move Bitch!!!!!!!!
    So, I had a great night last night and it is turning out to be a great morning even though i have a bit of a head ache. I'm listening to Move Bitch in Charlie's computer room. Yep......spent the night at Charlies house. Tricia and I spent the evening drinking wine and being silly:) I think we might have become winos.....amidst our wonderful drunken state last night we agreed to get matching tattoos that say wino forever like johnny depp(of course that wont happen now that im sober again) what a great idea that is. So we were drunk in the house, we were drunk when we went to Kroger, and we were drunk when we went to sleep. She kept stealing the covers and waking me up. But while i was asleep i kept having this ongoing dream about Chad Michael Murray......who is one of my latest obsessions......cant get enough of One Tree Hill.......anyways...the dream had a plot and it was like a movie.....i love my dreams....they are all weird....i should make this my dream journal....i sure do use the period a lot......see????....oh well....I was going to go downtown today with my camera i have a butt load of film that i havent used yet. But i really dont think i'll be able to do that with the amount of gas i have in my car. I'll have to wait until my next day off. I love downtown so much. It makes me happy. I wanted to get a loft downtown but of course on my paycheck i could never do that. Unless i found someone to share it with me.

    I have so many goals and dreams for my life but there are so many that i just dont know where to start to acheive them. I guess i should start small right? I'll make a list. Long term, Short term that kinda thing.

    Ok so Cheese Head(tricia) is out of the shower and it is my turn.......finally.....

    ****dances around to Mr.Big*******

    Later Gater.....*grin*

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