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Stephanie (dreaminscreamer) wrote,
@ 2003-12-16 21:34:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:All American Rejects- Happy Endings

    Leave me alone please.... offense to my friends, i know they care about me, but i'm tired of everyone asking me "stephanie, come on tell me, what's wrong?" i love them and i wanna tell them, but i just don't have the energy to...ugh! if any of you read this...i'm heartily sorry but i just don't wanna talk about it, when i wanna vent i'll post it up here for all to see! promise! anyways.....

    i just got back from my first ever dance team was fun actually. we did "fighter"...i hate that dance...but oh well...poor stephany! she's so sick...she fell while doin her axle jump...but i didn't notice and she got right back up's all good! i really wanna go tomorrow for the wrestling game...i'm gonna try n skip ballet...we're doin JC...i hate that dance...but alas, it's better than fighter! anything is better than fighter...

    i should be doin geometry hw right now...really don't want to...but i haven't done like the past 6 hw assignments in that i think i should! ugh....i hate geometry, spanish and bio....*not in that order...* ARGH!! THEY SHOULD ALL BURN IN HELL!!!! A days suck hairy diseased monkey balls....they should burn in hell also. expect drama....gotta love that class!

    oh yeah...i tried out today for "the importance of being ernest" but it's an upper-classmen play so i know i'm not getting a part. i can't handle another "play part" cuz miss jordan already wants me off dance team i know it...i'll just do running crew or tech crew...i wanna learn that stuff anyways!

    okay...geometry demise...AGH!
    piece out!

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