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Stephanie (dreaminscreamer) wrote,
@ 2003-12-15 21:22:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Brand New- Deja Entendu

    yeah...whatever...did this when i was bored
    i got this from young_hopeless1's online journal

    1. Copy this whole list into your journal. [or if you don't have a journal and still want to do it, leave it in a comment]
    2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
    3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you

    since i can't do html...the *'s are the bold face crap...

    01. My room hasn't been properly cleaned in over a month.
    02. I am in love with Cadillacs*
    03. I live for the day that I'll meet Good Charlotte.
    04. I don't know who Mischa Barton is.*
    05. I wish wasn't accused of being depressed and having mental disorders.
    06. I'm addicted to music.*
    07. My favorite band is Good Charlotte.*
    08. I am not an only child.*
    09. I play my music loud.*
    10. I've never been a girly girl.*
    11. I don't go to the movies a lot.*
    12. I plan on getting my nose pierced within the next year
    13. I hate the Christmas season.
    14. I'm sick of the term "sell outs" being thrown around.*
    15. Halloween is the only holiday I really like.*
    16. I'm not into all that religious stuff.*
    17. I don't believe in love *anymore*. *
    18. I've dyed my hair.*
    19. I've only had 1 boyfriend in 3 or 4 years.*
    20. I hate Justin Timberlake.
    21. I don't read alot *but i wish i did...i miss it*. *
    22. I wish i was older.*
    23. My first concert was the Spice Girls.
    24. I was petrified of ET.
    25. I've never smoked a joint before.
    26. I hate talking on the phone. *
    27. I always have to have music playing, no matter what.*
    28. I use the word 'fuck' a lot*
    29. I say "I'm happy for you" Too much and it comes out rude. *sometimes* *
    30. I haven't gotten the GC DVD yet...
    31. I love pop-punk.*
    32. I don't have a digital camera*
    33. I'm more open with my online friends than offline ones. *and i'm open w/my friends when i'm online*. *
    34. My first tattoo is coming when i'm 16
    35. I'm going to have a MEST tattoo
    36. I want to visit Italy*
    37. I can be paranoid about friendship. *
    38. I want to move to Australia
    39. I've never had a real job. *
    40. I usually hate the idea of having a boyfriend
    41. I'm never getting married*
    42. I try to avoid being in crowded rooms.*
    43. I think biting your toenails is gross.*
    44. I'm probably never having kids
    45. I'm shy around people I don't know but wild and open with my friends.*
    46. I wish I had a car.*
    47. I haven't willingly worn a dress since I was 3.*
    48. My birthday cakes for the past three years have been made by my mother
    49. I wish I could turn back time.*
    50. I live in the past too much.*
    51. I'm an online journal whore*
    52. I'm forced to wash my hair
    53. I know every single released Good Charlotte song by heart and I'm working on the unreleased ones.*
    54. I'm thinking of dropping out of school.*
    55. I still dress up for Haloween*
    56. I'm forced to shower.
    57. I want to play electric guitar.*
    58. I want more pants n sweatshirts
    59. I like to sleep in my comfy pj's
    60. Tattoo pain is the best pain. *or so i've heard* *
    61. I'm going to get a boxer [the dog] and it will be my child
    62. I hate getting dressed up. *
    63. I have to go to dance for at least 6 hours a week
    64. If Tony Lovato belonged to me, I wouldn't share him and I'd chain him to my bed.*
    65. School spirit sucks*
    66. I think Fuse is better than MTV. *
    67. GC fan fictions are the best things in the world.
    68. Benji Madden is fucking hot.
    69. I've talked to billy n abbie once for 6 hours.
    70. I don't think i can really dance.
    71. I can hold a pretty good grudge.*
    72. I'm really sarcastic.*
    73. I'm online a lot. I have no life.*
    74. I don't own a Britney Spears movie.*
    75. I let almost anybody in my bedroom.
    76. I hate Avril Lavigne
    77. That new mest cd is addicting
    78. I like the taste of alcohol*
    79. I don't smoke.*
    80. I think Britney Spears is a whore
    81. I wish I had a faster computer.*
    82. I can't draw for crap...expect my stick figures.
    83. My ears are pierced.*
    84. I have no tattoos
    85. I love anything to do with stars*
    86. I love to listen to "emotionless".*
    87. Fishnet shirts are sexy*
    88. I like to dye my hair
    89. I think Paris Hilton is ugly.*
    90. A lot of people think my brother is going to be gay
    91. McDonald's makes me sick to my stomach*
    92. Bisexual guys are the greatest*
    93. I want to shave my head*
    94. Accents are great.*
    95. I occasionally lie to my teachers.*
    96. I want to get at least a half sleeve of tattoos on both my arms*
    97. Benji Madden is my god
    98. I believe in god most of the time
    99. I live at home.*
    100. I named my cats after characters on friends

    do it if you are bored...i know i was...
    piece out

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