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x- bEaUtIfUl -x (dream_of_beauty) wrote,
@ 2003-12-23 00:32:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Luv me baby

    me myself and i

    today was one of the best days ever
    to start it off...i slept in till like 10 and i woke up wit no one home
    then my mom didnt care what i did and left again...home alone..hell ya baby
    around 12 i went to jessicas then to the mall
    i got a strightner and 3 thongs
    we got home around 3:30 droped daniel off..hes so funny hes the n him were makin a mess at coneys! jessica felt so werid...haha the mall was so fun

    after that we chilled at jessies and i finally am going out with alex man i was so happy and i made a song and mike [f] and raylen walk into jessicas compter room place to get game codess (cheats) so we hung out with them for an hour...raylens so fricken crazy and funny...we were talkin to kelsey on the phone and he kept hangin up and puttin them on hold...oh and he showed us his majic trick and we were writing on his arms...great fun i guess

    then it was off to the movies we saw love dont cost a thing..thats a good movie people... GO SEE IT these chicks were trwoin shit at us..they thought they were the shit...haha that was crazy...jessica and daniel missed alot if u know what i mean..and while we were leavin we saw jessie n amber (8th grade) and i came back home!! whoo! tommrow idk what im doin i thik kelseys!

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