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Megan (dramabitch) wrote,
@ 2002-11-18 15:57:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:Do or Die feat. Twista - Money Flow

    A change...
    Today was good.. How weird is that? I rarely have good days.. and on a Monday? That's definitely a first. I saw Patrick and Brian both.. It's weird now.. because I finally came to realize that me and Patrick weren't really anything, so I began to move on. Of course, then he comes around.. But I'm not just going to fall head over heals for him again. He'll have to at least put up a fight.

    Brian wore a big grey sweatshirt today.. Ahh.. that is one of my fetishs.. along with long, curly.. or wavy hair.. cause ya know.. I like hippies. Haha. I think I'm going to watch Dazed and Confused again a little bit later.. then I'll probably go work out or something.. Brandon is supposed to call, so I'm sure we'll get on that one. haha.

    Oh! I'm so pissed.... Eli broke up with Kami last night.. How random? They were together Friday and Saturday and things were fine. Me and Brian even saw them making out last night.. Well I did at least. His drunk ass might not have noticed.. Oh well... I dont know.. I feel really sorry for her because she liked him a lot.. She's really upset now :(
    Well I'm out.

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