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Megan (dramabitch) wrote,
@ 2002-11-19 21:25:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:Lil Flip - This is the Way We Ball

    I'm so aggrivated and frustrated and mad and stressed and.. UGH! I had to cheer tonight at the game and I had to sing too. Well no one knew any chants and we did horrible cheering.

    Then between games, I was talking to my mom and one of my friend's moms. Well there is this girl who likes Patrick, but she's had a serious boyfriend for over a year. Well my friend's mom told me that they broke up last weekend.. So now she's going to be after Patrick. Grrrrrr....

    Then I had to sing. Everything was going fine until that freaking word "free" somehow when I was doing my gropetos, I messed up. I mean, I fixed it less than a second after I messed up, but it just sucked. Everyone said they didnt notice, but you know.. they could be lying.

    So mom and I left the game and went to the grocery store. Grant.. my old best guy friend *we had lots of benefits... we basically went out all summer without a title*... he was working. So I talked to him for a while and it made me feel better. I miss him a lot. Him and Matt are the boys who I'll never get over.. but Grant more than Matt because Grant and I actually had a friendship.. and it was more of a relationship for us than just fooling around. Then as I was leaving, Fatty, my friend who moved 2 hours away (he's a guy), walked in the store to go see Grant. I haven't seen him since before he moved which was like two months ago, so I was really happy to see him.

    Then I got home... and I don't know. I just got back into my bad mood even though I saw Grant and Fatty at the store. I just... am sick of life. It's no fun anymore. I have to go to this stupid church thing all weekend, so Patrick is probably going to hang out with the other girl or something. I'll be sad if he does. :*(
    Well I'm going to go work out so I'll lose weight and fit into my ball dress better. Goodnight.

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