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Kristen (drama_geek_01) wrote,
@ 2003-11-14 10:42:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:People talking in study hall yea!

    Study Hall!
    Hey guys and gals im in study hall right now and it is SO BORING! I probably could be working on my project right now, but oh well. so anywayz...quote of the day for yesterday :EVAN: Remember when Joe used to be reliable? ME: Yeah, and then something called Tiffany happened. LOL...j/k j/k i luv both u guys! o yea and yesterday i alost blew up at Wendys! Yea cause half of their power went out and then they were having power surges and were like "Everyone has to leave because something might blow up" and then we went outside and there was a transformer fire. And according to my sources (shout out to Dave and Ian for being my sources!) soon after the transformer blew up! yeah so today i got out of chemistry to do stuff 4 Gibbs Yay! no boring chemistry lol i have lunch next yay! then the rest of the day is boring then i have hang and focus for drama...yay for doing lights stuff when you have no idea what ur doing! and 2nite LEADER OF THE PACK SHOW come see it unlesss ur in it in which case come be in it! And i get to see all my spotlight friends! i luv all my spotlight friends all of you, ya hear me! (Special shout out to Jeff who i have officially claimed lol i heart u jeff!) so isnt it good to see i use my study hall productively? well thats enough of writing nonsense 4 now!

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