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Kristen (drama_geek_01) wrote,
@ 2003-11-11 18:39:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:leader of the pack going over and over again in my head

    My weekend
    All i have to say is LMC show on Sunday rocked hardcore!!!!!!! ok... so thats not all i have to say, but the show was so amazing. Krome is a horrible club, but the show was amazing. I love the O'Brien brothers lol!Anyway this weekend was really good, minus wednesday nite...but that isnt really part of the weekend so its okay. Lets see friday was the last dress rehearsal b4 leader and it went really well then sat urday there were 2 shows, both of wcich went great and the dinner break was really fun! Then i sunday i had to acolyte at church (blah but o well) then i had a show then there was a surprize party for mrs. Lenard and then the Lunch Money Criminals concert, which i had to beg my parents to go to. Yea on sunday i was coloring sarahs shoes with a black marker and they came out really good lol i heart u sarah! and i was wearing dans sweatshirt which i am now going to steal...he just doesnt noe that but yea it was a good weekend yay!
    well thats all for now folks!

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