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dragontail (dragontail) wrote,
@ 2007-01-02 20:36:00
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    midnight 2006-2007 how easy it is to change things
    so... here i am. it´s 11:42pm and i´m writing my blog.

    there´s nothing better to do. i´m at our cottage in donovaly, as always with my parents and sisters and some family friends. some of them are sleeping right now. the others are watching tv. or at least they´re trying to do so. there really isn´t anything to watch. here, in central slovakia, we have only the slovak channels, all of us being too lazy to find out how to get more than three channels into the box... so, in fact, i have no reason to complain, should be happy that we have at least those three of them... but the program in all of them is so boring that you might consider it torture to watch it...

    you´re lucky, all of you, that you aren´t here with me... i´m not the one who´s complaining, trust me, you should hear the others... with their sarcastic remarks... i would prefer to turn off the television and try to survive the remaining six minutes in peace and quiet. but no, the screen must simply stay on, everyone has to say how bad it is and my Big Sis has to change channels every 3,24 seconds...

    so...i´m just happy that i can force the headphones on my head and listen to negramaro with maximum volume... better than nothing, anyway....
    be right back... countdown is running... seven... six... five... four... three... twooo... you know what

    a strawberry champagne, a semi-headache and a few minutes later... yes, charming smiles, yes, i wish you a happy new year as well, thank you. some youngish people invaded our front garden to shoot off fireworks... a great deal of fire works... when are they going to stop??? family friends went to see the spectacle to the great parking lot in front of old hotel vesel. i prefer not to go... some years ago the fireworks got out of control and fired in the wrong direction... dangerous stuff... thank you... i prefer to keep my face as it is.... i´ll burn it another time if it´s ok with you.

    well, yes, i admit it, i enjoyed some seconds of it. to see all those happy faces of the strangers... felt happy myself for a moment...

    my new year´s resolutions? not to be in donovaly next year and spend these moments with friends instead of family members...

    so... it´s been „tomorrow“ for more than half an hour now... i watched the boring programme to wait for this moment, i wished a happy new year to everyone present, phoned grandfather, tried to phone alex, didn´t succeed, wrote him a text message and got a reply... i got a reply! now i can go to sleep happily :-)

    and david phoned me right now!!! never got a more pleasant surprise for new year...

    am i truly having the happy year i´ve decided to have? it seems so! alex send me a message, david phoned me, i wonder if sandro has sent me an email? got no internet here... i´ll find out tomorrow...

    is it possible that things could go better? i don´t think so :-)

    so gooodnight! and happy new year!!!

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