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dragontail (dragontail) wrote,
@ 2006-12-18 21:00:00
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    merry christmas or something like that
    no, honestly, i hate x-mas

    the festival of hypocricy - that is what i call it

    still don´t have a present for my mum. and don´t have time to buy it... damn

    the last thing i need is christmas... well, guess i´ll survive it this year as well

    didn´t write for a long time. sorry. had a lot to do. to be honest i still have too much to do but right at the moment i need a break. i´ll possibly go to sleep in half an hour. i can´t see the point of forcing myself into existence when my mind is already asleep

    but there´s one thing i need to say: there´s a person who annoyed me a great deal today... prof S. my classmates know what i´m talking about. we had to write a test. and were divided into two groups. group A got all the good questions, the ones we talked about the most, the long ones, the ones i knew best and group B got all the rest. the not-that-important things. the short and complicated things. there truly wasn´t anything to talk about. and i´m totally convinced she gave us questions we have no notes about. believe me, she even tried to ask us a question we have never studied about!!! sure i was group B. high time to ruin my good marks at school. the end of the semester is coming. time to improve the grades. which in my case means: time to ruin all

    i wish YOU luck to survive these days... christmas is approaching. it´ll be here in no time. you bought your christmas presents, yet? haha. evil question... never mind. byeeee

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