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Dragons Elder (dragonselder) wrote,
@ 2004-04-24 03:38:00
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    john gave me the run around yet again this weekend... if you gonna stay at a bar and drink just tell me that instead of telling me youll be in town in 15 mins... only to call 2 hours later saying yeah im leaving now... fuck u dude thats the second week in a row u did that to me...

    any way... barry had the appartment stocked with beer and food.... i had like 8 beers in 2 1/2 hours... but im just buzzing... oh well

    so apparently sarah and joey were up late tonight... and i didnt bother going over cause i thought they were gonna go to bed earlyish... oh well... least we have next weekend...

    uhmm... i played DDR tonight... i double A'd Freckles... so i was stoked... full fuggen combo baby ^_^
    then i played some doubles... and completely blew Tsugaru on standard... oh well

    then i found out tonight that one of the ppl i play with sometime broke one of the arrows... i yelled at her... scolded her... and then cried lol

    thats right sarah... a broken arrow at the mall... left side... left arrow... take a moment of silence if u will...

    oh yeah.. i bought a kick ass hard back journal today... im gonna use it to write down those things i just cant write here no matter how hard i try...

    hmmm... i suppose thats it for now... laterz... no quote... ^_^

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