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Maryam (dragonpink) wrote,
@ 2003-12-18 13:26:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:FoodTV

    been a while
    well...this week has been one of those weeks. I spent Sunday with the guys playing D&D. that was great! I didn't realize how much I really missed them. we won't be gaming until after the new year, but I plan on being there at least once a month, they game twice a month. I need to make my OT sometime...but being off Friday and Saturdays in January, I may be able to make both sessions...just work fridays instead.

    then monday, boring day stayed home all day. Tuesday went to the meet up. It was good. I enjoyed it and the food was great! I hope to be able to go to those meetups more often. Maybe go to different ones, D&D,'s a great service I think. then went to work, they had leftovers from the company party. I put some rice and beans in my leftovers from Picant ended up being a good mix. I had to go to the hospital to sit with a resident, that was incredibly boring. she had the TV on some mexican channel and I don't speak spanish, so it sucked. but I got to read thru a good chunk of my new book, DragonLance Chronicles...the Annotated version!! so that was good.
    Wednesday was payday, got my check and went to Sun Harvest. I LOVE that place. I'm coming down with a cold/flu type thing. should be able to go to work tonight, depends. I feel better the longer i'm up, but I feel like crap when I first wake up. and it takes a few hours to feel better. I don't take medicine...I just drink my chamomile and peppermint tea with LOTS of honey and lemon. But that makes me all I may take off tonight too. But my house is smelling good, I got some cloves, orange peels and cinnamon in water on the stove. Now it's Thursday, and I'm sitting here not able to smell my potpourri, head all stuffy, nose runny, bones achy..but no fever today! Yippee!! and I'm about to eat some tamales...not the home made kind, only cuz I don't know anyone who makes them to give away or sell.

    I got some IM's from his daughter and she's on my shit list. If she actually finds this and reads this, I'm not exactly sorry. I am VERY hurt by what she had to say, and the way she said it. She knows she's coming down here just after christmas and could have waited to tell us then, but she chose to do it on YIM in messages to me/us when I was offline. a bit of a cowardly way to do it..but she's 13. she says she's not going to the wedding because it's "not important enough for me to try to get over my fear of flying" so fine. the wedding is not going to happen as planned anyway, we are still waiting for his ex to send us the paper work to say she's filed. STILL waiting...and getting more and more discouraged at the whole prospect. So in addition to the wedding being postponed for reasons beyond my control, his daughter is pulling this stunt! I am about to just throw my hands in the air and say screw it. I'll have my wedding MY way...and to Hell with what anyone else says. He has told me often enough, he wants me to be happy. I am just so angry and hurt right now I could just spit! but my tamales are ready, not that I can taste much, but it's more of the comfort factor anyway.

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