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Marie (down_elias) wrote,
@ 2004-10-24 10:07:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:death cab for cutie

    yesterday was a big day. in the morning, chels came to pick me up and we went to red bank with her mom. then, we went to her grandma's house and when we were walking into the computer room, there was this squirrel that was in a trap but it hadn't closed yet so when we walked in we frightened him and he ran out really quick and got stuck in a hole. it was sad. after, we went to pathmark and bought brownies and stuff and went home and baked them. THEN katie tedesco came and we all just hung around, baked (with ms. b's help...haha), ate brownies and looked at pictures of chelsea through the years. we were laughing because there are a bunch of pictures that chelsea said she looks like she has down syndrome in. amanda kept calling because she was jealous we were all hanging out and she wasnt allowed. so when she'd call, we'd make up these funny voices and pretended to be each other. i was like "This is chelsea, chelsea lynn bucsek. you have beautiful boobs." it was funny...chels pretended to be me and katie pretended she was some guy amanda likes. so then, we were going to meet up with joey at target and go to six flags and katie had to go home for a party so we dropped her off then went to target and got chelsea's pass and walked over to panera. we decided just to eat out with joe so he met up with us at panera. we ate and had lemon sucking contests and took pictures of each other with lemons in our mouths and making weird faces. oh-- and we totally took advantage of the complementary soda thing. after that, me and chels went back to her house and tried to decide what to do with the night. eventually, trev stopped by (very stoned) and then matt (also very stoned). trev had to leave shortly after so it was just the three of us. matt was entertaining. he kept eating all the brownies we made and saying "these are the best brownies." so then matt had to step out to smoke a ciggerette and chelsea was on the phone so me and him just sat on the back porch for like an hour and had a very good, engaging conversation. eventually matt got the munchies and we decided to take a walk to wawa and get food. on the way over, we met up with chelsea's friend austin who told us he was walking over. he walked up to wawa with us and we bought food. we went back to the house and checked on chels. she was kind of upset so i hungout with austin and lindsay for awhile. matt left and we were supposed to go over his house but he fell asleep so we just hungout and austin had to go home so linds drove him and we listened to dance mix 98 the whole time. when we got home me and chelsea went to bed and talked for like an hour or more. the whole night she was hitting cats or yelling at them and throwing stuff it was funny. then in the morning she woke me up by suffocating me. she had to go to her game so she dropped me home and here i am now. i just painted my shoe box thing for the diarama i have to do for friekin environmental science..haha, its due tuesday and all i have is a painted box. oh well. so today i work and then straight from work i'm going to amanda's bday party. our present to her rules. she'll probably read this so i dont want to put what it was in here yet. oh well. its cool. but work sucksss.

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