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Katie (dont_fake_this) wrote,
@ 2004-01-23 18:08:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:Chevelle~ moda

    he's bending backwards
    it's dad can't get the snowblower started. lol
    ok...this week has been getting a little out of hand.
    for starters my braces are annoying the hell out of me. wiat...not the braces so much. the retainers are though. it's like i cna't eat anything! i'm starving! but my dentist said that i only need them for 2 monthes and he better not be fucking around.
    anyways...yeah. dustin likes me. no not dustin the one i still can't get over, the one i went out with. the dustin at school. i honestly had no idea. and at first when i found out i thought it was some little crush, but i guess it's not some little crush. it's really scary. he keeps asking dominique to ask me things and he should be doing it! i feel really bad though cause i don't wanna go out with him and i guess he really likes me. i'm afraid he's gonna do something really scary. and he just got dumped by his girlfriend so how can he like me already?!? FUCK!! this is so stupid. he gave me his number twice. i'm probally not gonna call him though. he asked me to the movies and he keeps asking me what i'm doing after school...scary. he asked me that on wednesday but i just thought he was asking me to drink with him. so i was gonna go! but he wasn't.
    everyone keeps telling me to go out with him, but i don't like him! i still like other people so that wouldn't be fair to him.
    anyways...chris is about to go out with someone. bastard. for a little while i actaully thought he liked me still...guess not. i hate this...i really need to get over him. and dustin( my ex people!!) and other people. i have adam's confusing though.
    i have exams next week. i get to go home early! then our concert is thursday...simple plan, motion city soundtrack, sugarcult and mxpx. pretty coolio. i feel like an idiot though cause of my braces.
    and i just found out story of the year might be signing at atomic records next week wednesday. pretty coolio.
    oh! there's this 9'th grader, scott...he's really ugly but he has a really nice body. and he walks funny. but anyways i really wanna fuck him. lol. i think he would be really good.

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