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Katie (dont_fake_this) wrote,
@ 2004-01-08 21:21:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Senses Fail~ the ground folds(acoustic)

    you and me are like one heart-beat
    life, is floating fast away.
    but I look, your head is turned away

    i love senses fail...i really wannan see them in concert. i hope their at warped tour.

    so slice open my veins.
    and let, the romance bleed away.

    i had a pretty good day...i know. i actaully didn't get depressed about anything yeah. gym was funny. i actually got the basketball in the fucking basket! that was coolio. yeah...we were suppose to be taking a test and everyone was lying about how many they got. i told zabala melyssa got 6...she told him i got 3. i love her. that was fun.
    my mom kicked me out from rude. i was just listening to hot hot heat and she comes bursting in yelling at me. cornnut.
    anyways...i should go and actaully get some homework done...nah. that wouldn't be cool.

    Stainless heart that never speaks, reads like a story never sold. What if you just forgot, what you were told? you can't replace, you can't retract, you can't forget to get whats back. And the rain keeps falling down. And the rain keeps falling upon my face. I look in my shattered mirror. Pieces of me is all I see. Shattered, broken and misplaced. What do I have to say? I'm just another sububarn heartache, blending to waste away.

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