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Donna (donnalynns) wrote,
@ 2003-01-25 09:39:00
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    Current mood:confused

    Baby Making
    This is our first "official month" of baby making. I am writing all this down so I an keep my sanity somewhat.

    I am 21 days into my cycle, no clue really as to when I ovulated. I am half/half with the taking the temp bit and seeing when the big O day is. I figure if I am not prego this month I will give the temp taking a shot just to see if I do ovulate. Knowing me, I will probably mess it up!

    The 2 week wait before your period is the worst, espcially when you are TTC baby#1. Do I really have PG symtoms or is it the big PMS symptoms. Here are some of the SX that I have had since Jan 22 2002:

    1. Instense heartburn.
    I have had it on and off, night and day. I was in such pain at night I thought I would cry!

    2. Bloated.
    Also PMS sx so who knows!

    3. Heavy feeling below stomach.
    Hmmmm....Is it all in the head?? Since reading some things on the Pregnancy boards, this could be another who knows!

    4. Wed the 22nd I had twinges on the left side below my stomach.

    5. On and off since Wed I have felt slighty nas, light headed and HUNGRY all the time.

    Are these sx a figment of my imagintion?

    Stay tuned............................

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