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x. Sh0rt3e RealzS.x (dollface143) wrote,
@ 2003-10-19 21:06:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:Never Gona LetChu Go [[TaMiA]]

    >.LeT`z GeT DoWn.
    ahhh this weekend has been SHYT! FUKIN PEOPLE..ugh first this kid pissed me 0ff s0 i punched tha wall lol Keri nd then we [[Keri Brooke Gabby & Courtney]] went t0 Tha Woods..ah that place is fukiin scaryyyy! We were in line nd this 0ld ladii cut us s0 we was like wutever lol nd then she was like i wander if they 6 or 14 im like uh 14 and a halv lol cus we was like HELLO MAH NAMES BRUCE! IM FRUM AUSTRAILA ND WERE ALL A BUNCHA COCK SUCKERS! Ahh u hada be there then were like h0pe u fall 0ff dah hayriide nd we like we aint wana g0 witt them she like 0ur feeliins are mutal we lyke uhh wtf duz dat mean ah thank you NYC public sch0ols lol Gabby nd todaii i had gymnasics in tha frezzin c0ld ahhh i g0h mah r0und off back hand spring tuck lay0ut th0ugh! YaY buh it hurt mah hand that i punched tha wall witt eeh nd i saw Good Boy! LoL i hate Sam buh mah auntii made me chill witt her ehh gay ass moviie im scared of outerspace d0ggiies n0w eeh umm lets see i heard a s0ng that reminds me s0o much 0f all tha c0mpeteti0ns t0daii it g0es sumn lyke dyz..Oh Babii do u kn0 wut its w0rth 0h Heaven is a place 0n earth they say in Heaven onlii l0ve c0mes fiirst we'll make Heaven a place 0n earth LoL so me & Brooke started sinign TWIST & SHOUT nd we g0h dah Middies t0 d0 it t00 aha it was great sh0uld been thereee ah The Beatles! LoL white ass b0izz 0h nd mah siister team w0n dah PLAY OFFS! BABII 0oh they g0iin t0 dah
    shipp whuu juss lyke YANKEES! U JEALOUS?! Ummm lets see 0h n0 sch0ol t0mm0r0w yeaaa!
    So i Uno whu ima d0 maybe jus chill witt lyke alwaiiz AHH umm ttyl wunz ew nd Aaron is gayyy!

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