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...:::S k Y:::... (dogg_e_dogg) wrote,
@ 2003-11-06 19:50:00
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    Current mood: devious
    Current music:Foamy's Rant -

    *Foamy's Rant*
    *Foamy's Rant* (oh by the way, it describes everything im feeling at the moment)

    "there r sertain kinds of ppl in this world that just piss me off to no end
    the type of ppl that cum up to u and ask u 4 advise, and then when u give them advise, they dont take the advise, they just cum bac to u a week later and they're like " i cant beleive how everything turned out so wong" u wanna no why everything tured out wrong, bc u didnt take my advice and ur fcuking stupid, thats wut went wrong u didnt listen to me, i no all.

    anuther type of person r those fcuking insegnifigent pieons, who just have to validate themselves by being in a relationship, u no wut, its pathedic, its weak minded, and u show no inner streigth wut so evr. get ovr the girlfriend, get ovr the boyfriend or w/e the fcuk ur yearning 4 and live fcuking life. ppl who stalk their ex girlfriends particularly piss me off. wtf is wrong w/ these ppl, dont u have bettr things to do w/ ur life then b emotionally attached 2 sumbody who hates ur guts. do sumthing w/ ur live, find a hobbie, do u no how many video games r out there u could b playing, at the very least shoot urself, get urself out of society, no body wants to deal w/ a stalker.

    other types of ppl that i hate, ppl who ruin ur favorite diner. u no the type of person that, u no ur usually friends w/ until they end up goin to the diner and dating sum waitress there, and then they have sum kinda weird rockey relationship and every time u go into the diner from there after u get sum weird vibe in there. ppl like this rly need food poisoning. i am so sic of these fcucking bastards ruining my favorite spots.

    anuther type of person i perticularly hate, r those fcucking slime balls w/ the slicked back hair that usually end up going to bars and shit like that on friday saterday sunday night tryin to c if they can pick up chicks, and all they do is walk around w/ their fcuking stupid velvety shirts w/ their dumm ass fat hairy chest exposed to the world as if they were the sexiest thing on the face of the earth. u no wut, ur a middle aged looser, no1 wants to c ur hairy chest, either thro urself in front of traffic, or overdoese, please. no body wants to hear this bull shit ny more. time 4 sum re-evaluation of ones life."



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