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...:::S k Y:::... (dogg_e_dogg) wrote,
@ 2003-10-13 14:36:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:"hands down" by d.c.

    so much to tell....
    ok this may be a long blurty so bear with me....

    aight lets start with last friday....sandy came home on the bus with me and were chillin and guess who shows up? so were all hangin trying ot play guitar{i suck mind u}...then the girls [ella.sandy.snow] come over. oh god....thats when all the fun started. so check this...we were out on my tramp outside and im chasing after sandy. i run right into my glass door and shatter one of the shutter thingys. THANK THe LORD MY PARENTS WERENT HOME!!!! soo yeah i gottta shattered door, my 3 crazzy bffe's are over, thomas is over thinkin were all crazzy monkies(lol) and to top it off my friends all left round 6:30 and i got suck cleanin up the house lmfao(love you girls) so thomas and i decide to watch the ring...and sure enough the tape gets fucked up right when the scarry part come up. lol ... so instead we watch "the good the bad and the ugly" and "hollow man" lol my god that was the funnest night everrr!! so like round 9:30 thomas has to go home so i walk him back home(arent i soo sweet)...


    uhh lets soo, saturday was a blast too...

    ella, sandy, snow, paul, zach and stel all meet up @ the movies to see "DUPLEX"....i was kinda dissapointed cuz i didnt think thomas would show up...and guess who comes waltzing in!! lolll oh god i was soo happy....i met tom's friend jordan whos mad cool and all of us saw the movie....there was a misunderstanding though between "seating arrangments" but its all good now...that night was funnn as well. much funno!!!


    i think it was monday when thomas and jordan came over..or was it sunday?!? oh well...they came over, we all went on the tramp and then we went over jordan's housea and did basically nothing was funn thoguh cuz i showed off my mad wicked crazzy druming skillzz...yeah u know it....
    ok now to present day:

    lets catch up on my life shall we:

    1.) rca is the best thing thats ever happened to me
    2.) i spent my first experience running away from the cops with thomas thank you very much(hehe)
    3.) i love my girls ella.sandy.snow
    4.) sarah selk, victoria costello, ness sorrentino and paige sommer are the hottest girls ever to walk the face of this earth
    5.) men are confusing
    6.) i finished shooting my headshots and writing my resume
    7.) i want kirsten dunst and hilary duff to die
    8.) ive met the coolest guy ever and i never want to let go of him....<33

    i think thats bout it...

    oh yeah im still deeply in love with jake gyllenhaal...loll

    thats it for now....if you wanna know mor bout my crazzy hott sexy life, call >3390441< and ill be sure to fill u in! feel the loves*the siz(a.k.a. sky)

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