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Angie C. Ran (dmx) wrote,
@ 2003-05-11 01:30:00
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    Current mood:cheerful
    Current music:Dance Maniax-Mind Parasite

    So I figured I would update yet again. I took Janeen to the place to get her car fixed, we got lost n the way, but we found it lol. Then I called and woke Sara up and she really didn't want to go to work lol. So we talked almost the whole time it took me to get home, because I hadto drive Janeen back to Shirley to pick up her money for the car. She treated me to TJ's, a really good hero place. Thanks Janeen, since I now know you read this, lol. So we came back and I talked to Sara a little bit, she forgot her ID at her house so she had to call in late and go back home and get it lol. So then I basically chilled for the rest of the day in my room by myself and did absolutely nothing. I talked to Sara on and off at work, and I'm waiting for her to get home in a few minutes. I'm going to start writing her a letter, and I'll send it out sometime next week. Okay well I have a few other things to finish up before she gets home, so I'm going to run. Wow I posted twice today, holy shit :x. K that's enough k thanks bye.

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