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Mariann (dizzygirl) wrote,
@ 2003-04-11 11:33:00
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    The question on my mind is, "Why me?" This isn't just a question geared towards feeling sorry for my self. Judging by last nights events I think it is a very valid question.

    5:00 am- Some dude rings our doorbell. I look out the window to see if its someone I know- its not so I grumble and try to go back to sleep. He starts talking to himself and walks away.

    5:05 am- Dude and drunken girl meet outside the apartment and she asks if she can use his phone, if he has one. He tells her he wants his dick sucked, and she starts freaking out. "I'm not going to touch you! DO YOU HAVE A PHONE? I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU!" He gets persistent... I walk outside in my pajamas and say to them "It 5:00 in the morning DAMMIT. I'm trying to sleep." Stupid drunken chick begs me to use the phone- obviously she is drunk off her ASS and this dude is really sick and creepy. So I let her in.

    5:10 am- Drunken girl (named Lenora) calls every person she knows and is wailing at the top of her lungs. I just want to wring her fucking neck because she is waking every person in the entire goddamn apartment complex up. But she is drunk, and doesn't care. Meanwhile that creepy dude is STILL outside the apartment waiting for her so I threaten to call the cops on him. He leaves.

    6:15 am- Her wailing went on for about an hour before someone called the cops. I didn't know what to do, I didn't want her to be out on the streets... that creepy dude could be around and would definitely take advantage of her. Anyway, cops show up at my doorstep and she's hiding in the bedroom. The woman cop was pissed because she had talked to that girl earlier- she said "Get the hell out of here! I'm taking you home!"

    All is well that end's well? NO.

    7:00 am- I'm sleeping and the phone rings. A lot. Its Lenora and she is bitching me out for calling the cops on her. I told her I didn't call the cops on her, but she proceeds to threaten me. "I know where you live you fucking bitch!" Calls over and over again- finally I file a police report.

    9:00 am- I wake up to hear a loud vacuuming sound outside. WOW! PEOPLE ARE VACUUMING THE FUCKING PARKING LOTS AT 9:00 IN THE MORNING. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO TAKING A BROOM AND DOING IT??? Oh yeah and not to mention the vacuum guys were shouting at the top of their lungs- "Bring the hose over here Johnny! We got a little pile o' dirt over here Bill! Boys get to work!" Like their fucking construction workers or some shit...

    9:30 am- Doorbell rings. Ken needs to move his car so they can vacuum.

    10:00 am- Some dude driving a really forklift wakes us up again. This time we don't go back to sleep...

    Fuck! Lake Otis is a shithole. Every night I have to hear drunk people. They are the most worthless fucking creatures on the face of this planet!!! I am sooo anti-drunk people.

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