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Kayla (dixiekay29) wrote,
@ 2004-01-04 20:57:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:Bend and Break- Dashboard Confessional

    ok on the 2nd i spent the night with ashley bc we would be leaving in the morning around 9:00. so we got up the next morning and left and it took a while to get there so i listened to basically all my cds twice (Good Charlotte, Steve Miller Band, and especially my Dashboard Confessional CD bc i missed my guitar so much) but the car ride was half the fun, i told ashley about the weird austrians that came a few monthes ago and i did my impression of one and then we formed a special society for the strange austrians..."AAD, Austrians Against Deoderant..." bc they dont use any, or at least the ones that visited didnt. also we formed a special society for me and ashley bc of our dads new found love of facial hair..."DAB...Daugters Against Beards" bc both our dads are growing gross looking beards for the winter. i saw mary beth at the hotel also, we talked for a bit but we had to go.

    so once we got there we met up with eric and ashleys aunt, uncle, and two cousins brandon and haley. haley whos like 4 years old hung onto me and ashley alot but it was so crowded in the streets. there was somekind of cheerleader convention going on so we saw milions of bouncy happy cheer leaders. some where like really young they looked like john bonet ramsie bc of all the makeup and curls. but anyway, me ashley and brandon all went to the ripley's believe it or not museum and that was pretty cool. there was this shadow room like the one that was in the old playhouse where you would freeze into a pose and a light would flash and your shadow was on the wall, we took full advantage of this and tried every pose we could think of. after that we went outside and waited on ashleys and brandons parents to come get us but while we were waiting eric and a bunch of the people that came w/ northport baptist walked by including the weirdo derek who always stares and lights his lighter all the time (ashleys dad said she should never get into a situation where shes alone w/ him hes that weird) and mine and ashleys favorite ambiguously gay kid pinky. he tried to say hey to ashley but she ignored him :(. pinky's foreign exchange guy was with him too and that reminded me of us talking about the austrians in the car. so ashleys aunt and uncle and cousins left back for north carolina and me and ashley and her mom and dad went on this sky lift thing and coming back down the guy swung us so i bout peed my pants since i hate heights anyway. and me and ashley bought THE MOST AWESOMEST shirts ever!!! We both got dumb and dumber t-shirts: mine has a big picture of Lloyd and ashleys has Harry and Lloyd in their orange and blue tuxedos. there was another shirt with Harry on the toilet when he had diarreah but i decided my mom wouldnt like that one.

    That night or in the car i cant remember but i had a dream that me and dan were playing the guitar and dan was like "kayla you need to practice more and get better because we wont win the talent show if your bad" and i said "what talent show" and he said "the county high talent show" and i said "dan i cant play the guitar very well and i dont even go to county high" but thats all i remember about the dream.

    school starts in two days :(!!!!!!

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