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Kayla (dixiekay29) wrote,
@ 2003-12-25 21:08:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:My Guitar- Me!

    What is today? Why, today is Christmas my dears!
    YAYY! presents and family...what a happy day
    what i got:
    1) clothes
    2) boots
    3) pirates of the carribean dvd
    4) a hair straightener
    i finally got my fabulous fender guitar... i love it so much but i love it even more because my dad picked it out for me plus i got the t-shirt from the place where he and my mom bought it: Tuscaloosa Music Service Inc. ive already watched parts of the dvd that came with it so im pretty good so far...i cant wait till i get to learn actually songs or write my own...hmmm that would be cool...but i have so many people whom i told we should "jam" haha but i dont know how so yeah lol i need to learn how to do that too...but yeah my fingers are taking a beating but after a few days of practice they'll be a-ok. i still cant believe i have one now im like "whoa" i cant wait to let the music out of me!! lol

    i went to church with ashley and had the bread and grape juice thing and some lady sang and the whole congregation sang but there was this man behind us who just could not sing like at all and me and ashley kept cracking up...and there was a little girl in front of us and we kept making faces at her and she started to cry so we laughed even more...what can i say we just had a bad case of the chruch giggles. also i saw stephen and jim! during the service i kept poking ashley and was like "look look now! thats stephen, no thats jim!" afterwards i went up to stephen and he got my number and we're supposed to do something tomorrow...most likely a movie...katie j says he has a gf now.. hmm oh well

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