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Kayla (dixiekay29) wrote,
@ 2003-12-23 20:21:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Keeo Movin On- Good Charlotte

    Pizza all day & Grumpy Gills
    my stomach is so sore from laughing so hard last night when me and ashley created a new christmas song just for the it is:
    Mary! Joseph! Three Wise Meeeeen...AND AN ANGEL! AND A STAR! Because this Christmas feels like the very first Christmas to MEEE!!
    it's short but sweet...and very funny. but we ended up watching finding nemo...another movie justin hasnt seen yet but soon we will expose him to the hilarity. then i cant remember what else we did the rest of the night but then we ordered a pizza and had leftovers so overall today ive had like 6 pieces of pizza

    then me and momma went to wal mart and we got all this crap and it was so crowded in there i was like ok time to leave..but yeah i got a gift for someone and its totally cool...i hope they like it lol or i hope ill get to see them during break

    yeah but i just realized today that christmas eve is actually tomorrow and i was like "WHAT?!?" but yeah im excited about me getting a guitar whoop whoop...and all my other stuff lol but i dunno when ill be updating again but hmm never know i may get bored like i always do when i update actually proud that this is updated on a regular basis...hmm

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