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Heather (dixie17) wrote,
@ 2003-09-21 12:07:00
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    Current music:the anniversary // the d in detroit

    cheapcascade = me, ckirnes23=cameron
    CKirnes23: hey are u ok?
    cheap cascade: what do you mean, am i ok??
    CKirnes23: after hulsey almost hit u the other night?
    cheap cascade: i don't remember that ....
    CKirnes23: when you dropped me off and you were pulling out of my driveway...
    cheap cascade: my near-collison with brett white was worse
    cheap cascade: i do remember spinning in someones yard shortly after dropping you off tho
    CKirnes23: ok
    CKirnes23: i was just concerned
    cheap cascade: mmhmm
    CKirnes23: how long were u @ arbys
    cheap cascade: i ended up not going...
    cheap cascade: bc i stopped by mike's .....
    cheap cascade: and spent a considerable amount of time there b4 i realized i had to be home
    CKirnes23: oh
    CKirnes23: cause me and hulsey and searcy and brad jones and cory gaught went to wallfe house
    cheap cascade: ...................
    CKirnes23: *waffle
    cheap cascade: AND YOU DIDN'T INVITE ME ??
    cheap cascade: i live for waffle house
    CKirnes23: well, first we decided 2g2 the 5th quarter, but when we got there, it was over, but the people ther gave us free food left over and we ate that and then we went 2 waffle house and ate there and messed with a bunch of drunks that came in there later
    cheap cascade: i love waffle house ....
    cheap cascade: and drunks
    CKirnes23: the drunks kept asking us to dance too the music on the jukebox and they would give us some money.
    CKirnes23: i wish you would have been there
    cheap cascade: oh?
    CKirnes23: yeah, i wanted to see you for more than just the ride home

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