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Think Happy Thoughts (ditchedthepills) wrote,
@ 2003-09-28 17:22:00
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    Current music:Second Stage Turbine Blade

    Ok I haven't Blurtyed Friday
    Yeah so Friday was SMMMMMMMMMM at MFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. They're actually SO amazing, I really think they're gonna go far. And they're all so gorgeous too. MMM. I hate Andy though, he needs to take his cock outta his own mouth sometime. Yeah it was really cool actually, like EVERYONE was there, but in the same way it was slightly gay cos all these gay people from our school were like 'yeahh! andyyy! johnnn!' and it's like.. they don't even know them. And Emma was such a tard. But let's not get into that. AHH. I was supposed to meet Adam at the entrance cuz he had some spare tickets for this guy Jake and I was supposed to give them to Jake, but when I got there it was like 7pm and Adam just like grabbed my hand and took me downstairs and told me he didn't have the tix but that they were about to come on stage, and he like dragged me into the crowd with him and put his arm round me and stuff. <333333. I hope he wasn't drunk/stoned. And then we were about 5 people back or something, and Alex was up at the barrier and he turned round he was like 'CAZZAAAAAAAAA' and put his arms out, and the crowd like parted and I just ran up to the front and Adam was like right behind me, and it was so cool. At that moment was probably the happiest in ages, cuz I'd just had my hair cut so I actually looked good for a change. And I was wearing my favourite top, but then CLARE decided to copy me and wear the same top, but oh well, no one knows who she is. And Sarah and Lou met! I think they got on really well too so that was cool. Yeah so SM were like amazingly good, and Adam kept like smiling at me and stuff. Ahh... I really should call him and have a nice chat, I think he might appreciate it. Yeah so anyway, yeah and then some people wanted to go to Fxbry but to tell you the truth I just wanted to do whatever Adam was doing, cuz I really felt something that night. But all the girls were going to Fxbry and I didn't wanna ditch them, and if I did ditch them I might be a bit left out anyway cuz all the guys would be going sik in the pit. Although that was quite fun.
    The second band were really good I thought, although they sounded A LOT like Lost Prophets. I made Sophie come in the pit with me for old times' sake, but she was so drunk, and it was the funniest thing ever. She kept hitting all these random girls who weren't even in the pit, and it was just so funny, I haven't had that much fun with her in so long.
    Yeah so a few of us went to Fxbry and it was okishhh... I dunno. Well I wasn't drunk which was a shame. AHH. I met Kate for the first time when I've been sober and it was soo awkward... Cuz I was just like 'Kateeee' and it was just me and her and we talked for a little bit and then there was this huge silence so I just ran away. I didn't get drunk till like 11 and we had to leave at 11.30 :O(. Emma and Alex got together :O But she always has to get with someone. And ALWAYS has to have her tits out. It actually makes me feel sick. Oh and Collette and that lot all turned up and I know this is so horrible but I don't want them there. They have their boys and we have ours... Fuck, I hope they don't start coming all the time. It's OUR thing. And they're so gay about it, they're like 'I'M GONA GET WELL PISSED TONIGHT!!!!!!!!' and it's like err yeah ok.

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