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M16 (disgustipated13) wrote,
@ 2004-06-25 13:03:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:bright night star-no more lies

    randomness i tell ya!
    Thirteen random things you like:

    1) kisses
    2) giving gnarly steve starley explosions
    4) sleep
    5) harassing random people i drive by
    6) car rock out/mini dance party sessions
    7) killians irish red
    8) cool summer nights
    9) halloween
    10) the smell of clean laundry
    11) the smell of burning leaves
    12) clothes
    13) skateboarding (i wish i didnt suck at life)

    Twelve movies (not in any particular order):

    1) trainspotting
    2) nightmare before christmas
    3) amelie
    4) dogtown and z-boys
    5) shawshank redemption
    6) finding nemo
    7) pirates of the carribean
    8) jaws
    9) the haunting (origional)
    10) fight club
    11) a clockwork orange
    12) donnie darko

    Eleven good bands/artists:

    1) AFI
    2) orchid
    3) queen
    4) iron maiden
    5) against me!
    6) junior senior
    7) the cure
    8) the clash
    9) mogwai
    10) milemarker
    11) murder city devils

    Ten things about you ... physically:

    1) brown hair
    2) blue eyes
    3) 15 piercings
    4) 3 tattoos
    5) ghetto bootay
    6) short
    7) chinese midget feet
    8) freckles
    9) pale skin
    10) a beauty mark in between my should blades

    Nine good friends

    1) jon
    2) tom
    3) jessica
    4) little jenn
    5) robin
    6) ashley
    7) sarah
    8)steve "starley"
    9) myself

    Eight favorite foods/drinks:

    1) chinese
    2) coffee
    3) barbeque sauce
    4) cheese toasties (with #3 ontop)
    5) smart start
    6) mint meltaways
    7) cafe mocha frozen yogurt
    8) reeses peanut butter cups

    Seven things you wear constantly.

    1) aids bracelet
    2) make-up
    3) body jewelry
    4) deodarent
    5) under garments
    6) shoes...not sandals
    7) a potty mouth

    Six things that annoy you:

    1) close minded people
    2) preachers
    3) math
    4) chapped lips
    5) bugs
    6) when i do nice things for people and they never show me any appreciation

    Five things you touch everyday:

    1) myself
    2) keys
    3) germs
    4) people
    5) cell phone

    Four things you watch:

    1) discovery channel
    2) random people
    3) the human race going down the drain
    4) my life going no where

    Three People you have a crush on

    1) johny depp
    2) tony t.
    3) corey duffel

    Two things you hate:

    1) george w. bush
    2) the fact that society says i have to pass college level math to make it anywhere in life

    One thing you love:

    1) jon<3 more than anything in the world!

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