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Melanie (dirrtygurlie) wrote,
@ 2003-07-15 18:14:00
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    Current mood: energetic
    Current music:right thur by chingy

    1. full name: melanie lisette carter

    2. age: 17

    3. birthdate: sept. 10, 1985

    4. family: i live with my mom, juliette, in the suburbs of chicago. my dad, evan, lives in clearwater beach, fl. i grew up in clearwater until my parents split up and i moved here with my mom when i was 13 (summer b4 grade 8). oh yea, and im an only child.

    5. sexuality: i really dont know..i know i definitly like girls so 4 now i say bisexual.

    6. job: student lol. ill be a senior in hs this fall. i really dont have a part time job tho unless you count babysitting?

    7. favorite music: i like everything but i guess whatevers on the radio. my favorite artists are ja rule, good charlotte, ashanti, christina aguilera, bif naked, sum-41, madonna, newfound glory, ludacris, no doubt, sublime, and ALL techno/trance/club music.

    8. favorite movies: the sweetest thing, now and then, but im a cheerleader, just married, fast and the furious, a knight's tale, theres something about mary, dr. t and the women, charlie's angels 1 and 2, and almost famous.

    9. favorite actors/actresses: cameron diaz (ok its no secret to anyone that knows me that i am so in love with her!! O..M..G!!! lol) , brittany murphy, kate hudson, drew barrymore, heath ledger, and paul walker.

    10. favorite tv shows: really anything on mtv..i really like taildaters, beach house, trl, road rules, fm nation, and battle of the sexes..along with sex and the city, king of the hill, and queer as folk.

    11. nicknames: i really dont have any lol. when i was a kid, my dad used to call me "mel" all the time, never melanie. oh! and its a long story but my friends used to and still sometimes do call me "lolita". i used to have the hugest thing 4 older ppl and in 9th grade had a crush on my male biology teacher.

    12. current outfit: gray drawstring sweatpants with the word soccer written across the ass in red lol, umm barefoot, and a red tshirt of mine that sorta only goes down 2 my belly button (my one piercing lol) and says new york soccer on the front in white glitter letters. when i lived in fl, i used 2 be very into soccer and was on every lil girls' soccer league there was, i loved it. now im just on jv soccer at school.

    13. current hair: well its long and layered...naturally blonde but ive been dying it a dark, chocolate-lookin brown. and right now its just down and sorta messy lol.

    14. best friends: well duh anna leeds comes first and foremost lol. shes the most beautiful person 2 walk the planet. she is my best friend in the entire world and she got me this gold ring for my last birthday and engraved into it is the word FOREVER meaning like we'll be friends forever and she'll be here 4 me alwayz and stuff. my other really good friendz are travis babich, he and i have been through hell and back. hes my chill buddy and the one person i know i can turn 2 with anything and just let go with and be a total dork with, etc. then theres also killian scott and her boyfriend of almost a year now, howie weston. killian, anna, and i were like the 3 musketeers. ever since killian and howie have been dating its killian-and-howie, they are never apart. but more power 2 her. its all good, they throw some killer parties.

    15. passions: anna, interior design and decoration, anna, dancing, anna, clubbing, anna, having fun, anna, writing. i guess thatd be all :)

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