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Melanie (dirrtygurlie) wrote,
@ 2003-07-17 22:07:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:how many licks by lil kim :)

    ok so i just have to vent! sure enough, i took a shower and came downstairs to greet my family. not to mention that ever since my mom got divorced her older sisters have treated her like some poor little wench but they also feel the need to point out every imperfection in ME and say how their kids are so much better. my mom went all out, she made duck l'orange, baked potatos, garlic bread, and even had real french wine and mousse for dessert. so i ate and was making my polite conversation when my auntie claudine (shes the oldest, shes 55?) and her husband paul literally WATCH as there little shit 4 brains daughter spills her wine all over moms white carpet. do we get an apology? an offer to help clean it up even? nope, the assholes sit and LAUGH as mom scrubs anxiosly at the stain which by the way is still there. claudine and paul have two little monsters, jacqueline the bitch that thought spilling wine on the carpet was so fucking funny, whos 21 and vivienne whos 15 and a jacqueline in training. they have this thing like they think there so much better than everybody. god if they thought it was such a joke to be out here and such a joke to visit there family then why the hell did they come anyways?? so then my other aunt yvette (shes the other one that live(d)s in france shes 50 is 45 and her lil brother who also lives in the states but in vermont and we never hear from him is 38)...oh yea so then my other aunt yvette makes some stupid joke in rapidfire french...i understand french hell ive been speaking it and taught it since i was learning english but she spoke so fast i couldnt tell what exactly she said but my mom obviously caught it cuz her face turned pale as a ghost and she looked like she was about 2 cry. yvette is divorced from my ex uncle lars, this swedish dude. they had 1 kid who lives in london, henri, whos 27 but we never see/hear/talk 2 him so w/e. i dont think even his own parents talk 2 him much.

    so it was the dinner from hell and when i finished i excused myself to go call anna or travis and try n make planz tonight but of course i had 2 entertain vivienne. so we drove to baskin robbins to get ice cream and she refused to speak the whole time. just crossed her arms and looked bored whenever i tried to make friendly conversation. it was so awkward and so horrible. so when we got back (quickest ice cream ever let me tell u) i just stomped up to my room, locked the door, and called anna. she was home but couldnt go out cuz she had to go 2 work in like an hour (she workz at target; they needed help w/ clean-up after closing) but we talked and stuff. okay she made yet another 3 count em, 3 jokes about becoming gay cuz shes so sick of guys! i was impressed n pleased :) anyway, ugh ive been hiding out in my room and i just finished watching empire records. good movie!! oh man now im being summoned downstairs 2 say good-bye to the "french rat pack" cuz there leaving 4 the night. couldnt be soon enuf for me. i think im just gonna go 2 bed after i say my good-byes.hell i was partying all day mostly yesterday and all night. i need my sleep!!! :)

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