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digitizing (digitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-04-21 08:55:00
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    good grounding in art and the development
    This year, the Chengdu plans to conduct 2, 000 embroidery Niang professional skill and presented early, intermediate vocational qualification certificates. Recently, Wu Gui Town, Dujiangyan City, Village Green on the activities room, Chengdu, Sichuan embroidery embroidery Women's hired teacher Xu Jihua, hands-on learning to teach local women Shu embroidery. After 3 months, they can be mastered up. Shu embroidery town Pi Anjing town plans to use three to five years, Shu embroidery cultural industrial park construction, to ensure that trained 3, 000 3 years with professional qualification certificates of the embroidery team. Shu embroidery training young talent development "two legs" walk "Mother, Come on! " "Youngest daughter, you too. " Before the game, Zhangchuan Rong Shu Embroidery Place a small team in an old two players are embroidered tan signs

    Dialogue in the little girl from the town of Xueyan Pi unity, this 17-year-old is the youngest player in the game, currently studying fashion design in the secondary. Environment for a child, nurtured her, like Sichuan embroidery, this is the leave to enter the competition. Xueyan Zhang Chuanhua mother, 15-year-old from Sichuan to learn embroidery, Sichuan embroidery produced in long-term home. Zhangchuan Rong said, "Xueyan although young, less experienced, but her formal art education, I plan to put her training into the high-level embroidered Mother. " Mother can do regular embroidery and other decorative embroidered lace, fine embroidery can create double-sided so for high-end collection of Shu embroidery. Zhang Chuanrong view by the contest judges Hao Shuping recognition. Hvector artwork

    ao master studio has been absorbed, about 50 technicians, the majority of former state-owned factories and old workers, and part is a specialist or graduate university students, the existing four full-time graduate technicians. Hao monk, Shu embroidery team building practitioners, should be "two legs" to walk, first in rural women through skills training to achieve home employment; second is to be excavated in Sichuan and develop a good grounding in art and the development potential of the embroidery Niang, the direction of the high-end talent cultivation. located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Economic and Technological Development Zone Gangzha ---- Jiangsu high-tech enterprises with Hong Carbon Fiber Coembroidery digitizing

    Ltd., in April good news story are frequent, the company developed the first carbon fiber products have been patented in 22 countries; products Through high-tech products in Jiangsu Province certification; by the state ministries and commissions as a center of China's new high-tech enterprises in rural construction and development of member units; and troops successfully entered into product supply contracts. Activated Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. Jiangsu with the health of Nantong, a little-known predecessor is the textile dyeing and finishing enterprises, mainly engaged in textile processing and ancillary operations, typical of high energy consumption, high pollution, high emission of "three high" business.embroidery designs

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