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Rafi (digitalsnot) wrote,
@ 2004-01-04 01:48:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Mudvayne

    I'm excited!
    Greetings my friends. I'm soooo excited! Practice was amazing! We sounded sooooo good. The bassist of my band is cousins with the current drummer of Shai Hulud (yes I know they are breaking up after their upcoming shows in Japan) and he is coming to the Emergenza Festival to see us play! O my Jebus! If he likes us then we can open for his new band. This is great because he is still in contact with many bands and people in the music industry. Great things are to come for Asylum! If things go according to plan, I'll be able to buy a big house with a pool and a dog named pepper for a special person (you know who you are) weekly Shadows Fall concerts. I'm just looking to play some shows and entertain people because thats what I love to do. Long live Shai Hulud!!

    Today was cool. I went to dinner with family and friends. Not knowing where we were going, I dressed in my latin gangsta clothes (beanie, baggy clothes, chucks). It looked like my papi was driving towards the city so I started to freak out. I was relieved to find that we were not heading towards the city. I don't feel comfortable wearing my latin gangsta clothes in the city....mainly because I dont wanna be approached by one. My cousin was a latin gangsta and he has been shot 4 times in his lifetime. But he still breathes and he is no longer causing trouble. Moral of the day: gangstas get shot.

    Thats all for today! So long my friends!

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