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Digital Eyez (digital_eyez) wrote,
@ 2005-04-15 00:47:00
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    Well, today i woke up earlier then expected and I got myself ready for Stevie's place.. Honestly, I wasn't planning to go anywhere else when I went over to Stevie's place.. My only intentions were to finish my hwk.. then the guys called and told me to come out, I told them I had a lot of hwk and couldn't come, they had to be persistant and then get some dude I think his name was, Hoan, to call and get me to come.. then I'm like, if they really want me to come, come up here to pick me up.. lol. and they surely did when they were done eating...

    Poor guys missed us girls so much.. lol.. more like they were missing Krissy... lol and when we got back to the guy's school, we were thinking how we'd find Krissy... but she was already at Fuzion... lol! Stevie called meanwhile and I missed his calls... Was going to call him back, but was afraid I'd have him all upset and couldn't work properly and might hurt himself so I didn't call.... Then later on Chi Hue called and we were all talking and was going to pick her up from work so we can Karaoke later on, but later on i realized that I couldn't go cuz I ssnuck out today so yea.. lol had to leave early... I did called her back tho... she's soo sweet! soo nice and I've only met her yesterday when NhuNhu brought her out to chill.....

    Anyways.... I JUST got home from Steven's place right now.... omg got home so late.. wonder if my mom notices.... if she did then i'm dead.. if there's no difference, then i should have stayed at Steven's and just slept there instead.....

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