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Digital Eyez (digital_eyez) wrote,
@ 2005-04-03 10:02:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:Lin Jun Jie - Distance

    The rest of the events

    Anyways, when we gots to the bowling place.. it was cold but still wasn't as bad as when I first started to head out.. Feel so bad for making Tom, Phillip and Krissy for waiting.. But once we were there, we gots all the things ready and done..

    we teamed up, Stevie and I, Krissy and Tom, and Phillip was by himself cuz we didn't have enough people.. But in the first round, everyone was warming up, in the second round, we were doing better but in the the third round the scores were just so close..

    We had so much fun, and then later on we were beginning to get bored but not because it wasn't fun, just that Krissy started to miss her bf so he couldn't concentrate.. and I chipped a nail so I was getting annoyed... but after we were done, cuz our time was running out eitherway.. we went to Hot Pot.. the food wasn't all that great but then again, I perfer my family style of hot pot.. but it was so expensive.. if i knew ahead fo time that it was about $20 per person I wouldn't have agreed with going to Hot Pot.. both Tom and I barely ate anything.. *sigh*

    Well on the way out, i looked like a fat gray pumpkin and lol it was just hilarious.. but waht's even funnier was when the guys tried to open up Krissy's umbrella, it turned around to become a rain catchter... it was just so funnie.. lol.. the ride back home was lonely once Stevie.. but i called up Arshey to check up on how he was feeling.. poor guy was sick so he wasn't able to come with us..

    the rest of the night i was just falling asleep and was just that tired...

    End of Day!

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