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Digital Eyez (digital_eyez) wrote,
@ 2005-04-03 09:53:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:Lin Jun Jie - Jiang Nan

    Well yesterday i was going to do the writings.. but then I was soo tired and sleepy and finiking with my WebCam... stupid darn thing...

    What I was going to enter in the Journal Log was just my day and how it went.. I really need to keep track of the things I do so I can look back on it one day and evaluate on myself..

    For no reason at all, I woke up early when I went to bed late. Didn't really clean up as much but I did do some. Helped mom out a bit then made some instant noodles and was on my way over to my Stevie's place... It was so cold outside. The wet snow with the wind was just plain brutal.

    When I was at Finch Station, I decided to get him some French Vanilla Coffee.. he likes it normally but I had to hold it for so long and it spilled over on me, when he came to pick me up halfway... haha When i got off the bus to meet him, i carried the cup of coffee as it was my kid on my belly.. hihih

    We were so wet on our way walking back to his place.. It was so cold and slippery too.. ai yah.. I love him but i have gots to complain this once.. omg... hihi but it's okies.. it didn't take us long before we got all dried up.. setlled down for a movie, Monster Inc. I didn't get to watch that movie when it first came out. But I can say that I do like it. But lately whenever we watch a movie, I always end up shedding a tear or so. Don't know why I've become so much more emotional. Am I changing? Or is it the movies?

    Later on, we realized that we were running late and decided to call Krissy to tell her that we're going to be running late and yea.. They ended up telling us they'll be running late too so Stevie and I decided to take a shower before we left.. Ended up making us later then the others... lol

    I had to wear so many layers because my sweat-jacket was all soak and wet still so Stevie said to waer his sweat-top instead so I won't get cold.. I don't really know anyone that cares this much for me.. Ever since the first day i've dated to today... I've never been so cared for and no one really bothers with taking care of me instead of my mother.. others would be concern and worried but that's just as a friends' type of caring.. What I'm getting from him gives me a different feeling.

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