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|[ erika ]| (diemoreandmore) wrote,
@ 2003-03-01 20:34:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Paul playing Galerians

    Even fun seems mundane tonight
    Yeah, fuck ujournal. Stupid bitch journal.
    I'm irritated with ujournal for being too slow to even load...

    Yesterday we went to Austin Racoon City to watch anime for 5 hours. It was pretty fun. Azumanga Daioh was as hilarious as usual, I really liked She, the Ultiment Weapon, GTO was pretty good too, and Gatekeepers was enjoyable. Besides the I think the others were only Ok, besides Brother, Oh Brother (I think that was it) which bored me out of my skull. x__x
    Actually by that time I was sufficiantly cranky, exhausted and was short of breathe. It was midnight, and I had to drive home still, so we got back at 2 am. It was worth it, still, I just remember why I hate driving so much and why I rarely drive to San Antonio anymore. >_<

    Today was incredably uneventful. We just played more of Silent Hill 2 and Galerians. I want a new Resident Evil game to come out now. meez.
    Rgh, oh and we went to San Marcos. We intended to go to the Headshop because Paul really wants to get a bowl. '_' hm. \\\he is generally smoking pot twice a day when he can now... T_T\\\ I wont talk any more of that because I know he gets upset that I'm not really supportive of it. I wont criticize him.
    Well the place was closed so it doesn't matter. Instead we went down to the Arcade, and played Police Trainer and Mace blablah dark ages. They have a new Dance Dance Revolution game there now, but I wasn't really in a dancing mood at all... so... -_-

    Paul's playing Galerians now. Ima go join him.

    ps. I made 2 new icons. One of Chiyo-chan and one from She, the Ultiment Weapon

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