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No one's home (diediedied) wrote,
@ 2004-03-13 20:18:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:head...pounding...

    Follow the Leader
    Z is god. And god said to do this survey thing humwhat. Sounds like a plan to me. This is the survey, I didn't start it, just mindlessly played along.

    Survey Part III

    +Love and stuff+
    First crush: don't care to recall
    First kiss: I don't gossip
    Single or attached?: attached to my head...which is attatched to my neck...which is attatched to my shoulders...
    Ever been in love?: B- oh wait... real person? no
    Do you believe in love at first sight? nope
    Do you believe in "the one?": NEO!
    Describe your ideal significant other: Batman

    +Juicy stuff+
    Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: yea
    Have you ever been intoxicated?: not to a point of doing sth dumb
    Favorite place to be kissed?: neck
    Have you ever been caught"doing something”: by who? which something?
    tease?: I don't think so
    Shy to make the first move?: not if it's worth it
    +Are you a+
    Wuss: Not a word I'd use to describe myself
    Druggy: I wouldn't say so
    Daydreamer: Dreams are more real than life
    Freak: what else would I be
    Dork: I think I've been called it before
    Bitch/Asshole: so I'm told
    Brat: I should be drug out into the street and shot
    Sarcastic: yes, tact is for people who aren't witty enough to be sarcastic
    Goody-goody: no
    Devil: My lover.... but...if z's his love child... *shudder*
    Shy: not usually, unless I don't trust them
    Talkative: I hope not
    Adventurous: I think so
    Joker: don't think so
    Flirty: I don't know, I get the distinct idea you're trying to label me...

    Last book you read: a good one
    Last movie you saw: saw shimp on the barbie on tv... (the one w/ cheech in it...)
    Last thing you had to drink: la leche
    Last time you showered: this morning
    Last thing you ate: dinner
    Last person you talked to on the phone: my mom :-D
    Smoke?: no
    Do drugs?: what kind are you implying?
    Have sex?: not yet
    Have a dream that keeps coming back?: yes, and no, not telling.
    Play an instrument?: I used to sing.
    Believe there is life on other planets?: I think the aliens would be bothered if they knew that humans thought about them so much.
    Remember your first love?: yes, my sharpie
    Still love him/her: them. yes.
    Read the newspaper?: on occasion
    Have any gay or lesbian friends? not that I know of...
    Believe in miracles?: they don't know is good enough for me
    Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: forever in what sense?
    Consider yourself tolerant of others?: define 'tolerate'
    Consider love a mistake?: what love?
    Like the taste of alcohol?: like the taste? I guess... Think it's right? nope.
    Have a favorite candy?: atomic fireballs/ candycanes
    Believe in astrology?: as in exactly this will happen to you? no... but it's interesting I guess.
    Believe in magic?: gotta be more specific than that.
    Believe in god?: him? no
    Have any pets: 5 dogs (between 2 houses) 1 cat, a chinchilla
    Do well in school? hmmm.... well?...
    Go to or plan to go to college: If I'm around, yea sure. Why not? Better to be educated, I suppose.
    Have any piercings?: ears
    Have any tattoos?: "tatoos are scars w/ ink..."
    Hate yourself?: wtf do you think?
    Have an obsession?: sharpies
    Have a secret crush?: that's almost
    Do they know yet?: that should be obvious
    Collect anything?: sharpies...
    Have a best friend?: No, no one should torture themselves w/ that
    Close friends?: When I am of the mind to think that I deserve them
    Wish on stars?: little balls of gas burning millions of miles away... (remember Pumba?)
    Like your handwriting?: dosen't matter, all this shit it typed...
    Care about looks?: No, I've accepted who I am, for better or worse...
    Current mood: nauseous
    Current music: Green Day- Time of Your Life
    Current taste: ummm...
    Current hair: dirty blonde
    Current clothes: I rolled out of bed and that's the way I stayed
    Current annoyance: everything... people who shouldn't be fucking around w/ their lives but are anyway.
    Current smell: mix of gases that make up our atmosphere... I suppose. What kind of question is this?
    Current thing I ought to be doing: shitload of bio...
    Current windows open: blurty...
    Current desktop picture: Batman
    Current favorite band: Finger 11/ the lost prophets/ the living end
    Most listened to: the voices inside my head
    Current book: Of Mice and Men (not by choice...)
    Current cds in stero: Korn: Follow the Leader
    Current crush: Satan
    Current favorite celeb: Johnny Depp
    Current hate: me
    Current job: hateful little child

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