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Heart Of Amethyst (devosgirl) wrote,
@ 2005-02-27 22:48:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Wannabe (spice girls)

    In The End... One Of Us Will Be Alone
    Ello, my darlings! What is up? Not a whole lot here. I've just been kind of lazy today. This morning, I had church and Charles and I started working on our Family Five for next Sunday. It's going to be good, I can tell already. I took a nap from around five o'clock until about seven o'clock, or something like that. It felt gooooooooood! I was so tired from Speech yesterday. OMG! lol. Jon made it home safely too. :D He didn't go to church though. That made it kind of boring besides getting to sit by Charles for Senior Choir and New Creation. But Evan came home around ten something last night and it's fun to hang out with him. Tonight, we all ate steak and finished watching Pocahontas together, which was on Disney Channel... hehe! And then, we watched High Noon. That was released in 1952!! WOW! It was good, but it frustrated me the way everyone acted! They were all big pansies and no one would help this poor guy, played by George Cooper, if you know who that is. :\ lol. But I liked it, even though it angered me. lol. Oh well, he told them to screw off in the end. Not litterally, but basically. ^.^ But, all the men were such cowards! I would have been out in the streets, ready to fight in three seconds if the Marshall asked for my help. Hell, even if he didn't. Okay, I'm getting too into this. It's just a movie. Well, I'm gonna go put Troy in and fall asleep. lol. G'night! God bless, and sleep sweetly all. I love you!

    Jillian Frost

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