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Devon (devonx19) wrote,
@ 2003-12-13 16:40:00
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    Current mood: disappointed

    FUCK IT!
    wow im soo tired, we had rehersal for competiton from 9-4, but it ran till 4:20. and im dead tired. we did shashank redemption. its wicked good. we basically finished it. yea your think....a 7 hour thing and you cant finish a 6 minute thing....but its hard.. but anyways i finnally realized i just need to give up. about that girl i mean. i mean shes 17, no 17 year old junior wants 2 date a 15 year old freshman, it just doesnt happen. but i mean if i was 19, it would b ok, ya kno i dont get that. y is it ok for a girl to go out with a guy 2 years older than her but not 2 years younger?? someone help me out on that one?? i wish it didnt matter to her, i mean she didnt tell me that she didnt like me. but she also thinks im gonna b 16 in january and that im a sophmore. i guess that was my mistake. lyin to get what i want...but that just shows how much i want her. i mean i dont just want her for action like i felt something instantly and that doesnt happen a whole lot in your life and when it does you shouldnt just ignore it, but i think i have to now. w/e , i just dont kno if i should say forget her, or try to talk to her? i mean why does this always happen to me. is this a sign. a sign that everytime i feel something for a girl she doesnt return the feelings? a sign that i will be alone? a sign that ill always be unhappy?........looks that way to me

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