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Devon (devonx19) wrote,
@ 2003-12-27 18:13:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:FM Static-Definately Maybe

    woot woot
    hey ya'll. well ive been in a great mood latly, i think its brittany, this girl has made me soo happy i told her how old i really am, she didnt care at all, she said age is just a number!! thats pretty awesome,. but yea i also kinda have a crush on this girl mandy from pcc, but i like brittany a wicked lot. i would do nething to go out with her. hmmm whats goin on, me and tony havent been talkin lately but we talked and we r cool now, i feel bad for the kid, his parents took him out of capachione and the kid loved it and worked for it, but i hope now he knos he can get it back if he works for it in school. but yea my christmas kinda stuck. i REALLY wanted that damn line6 amp and my mom didnt get it, i also wouldve taken a computer or real video camera, didnt get either of those either. but o well. i got a microphone, a mic. stand, guitar book, beetles book, some sports book(i hate books),a marines book<---i like it but it was the wrong one, a coat which ill never wear, 2 ugly shirts, an ugly hat, and some other little stupid stuff. my mom is soo dumb and cheap. my dad took me and my sister to geet our presents at the mall. i got medal of honor rising sun and the first season of smallville on dvd. its gangster, thats all ive done like the past how ever many hours was watch smallville, i watched like 15 edisopes out of the 21 on but yea im lookin for dj i wanna go to the movies or something, pcc reunion 2moro, gonna b funnn, but im out now. later.

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