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Devon (devonx19) wrote,
@ 2003-12-24 19:31:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:Switchfoot-Meant to Live

    jingles bells jingle bells.....
    wow im filled with soo much energy and i was banished from the downstairs from strummin and singin like i was a retard...then my mom started hittin me with wrappin paper....but neways...yesterday was soo fun, i went 2 BR at 1:30 and was supposed 2 go in but i couldnt so iwaited outside until 2 then went on the bus with mike,joey,jon,mike, and cam and we went to joeys house to get his camera then to jons to have did we have fun. we made napalm which is this stuff that burns forever. but yea we were gonna do redneck sleddin but we were too involved with the fire, we were thorwin all sorts of shit like we filled up glass bottles with gas and just threw em at the fire. it was soo cool, and we burned like 5 buckets and stuff, then we were ridin around in the scout which is this old little truck it was sick. but then we walked down to college pizza and had some pizza then walked back 2 jons he stayed in but we took his gas and styrofoam and made more napalm and had a blast, we had a huge fire at night it was soo rad. well we found this like 2 liter bottle so we filled it with gas and threw it in and it like didnt melt rite away so we thought it was like done but then like gas started goin out the side and then it was like a freakin flame thrower it was awesome. but we thought we heard some1 comin so we ran into the woods, then we saw a truck and we stayed in the woods, then he left and me and mike were lookin for his hat and shit that he left on the ground but then fuckin fire trucks and cops came so we fuckin bloted through the woods and jumped some fence, then we ran to winter plaza or w/e its called and we just hung out tehre, o yea it was only me mike joey and mike at this time, cam went home at like 3 and jon went in, so then me and mike walked down to the middle school and my mom picked us up, it was the most fun ive had in a while, but yea today i hadda finish my xmas shoppin, afta my uncle came down , he gave me a red sox book and a $100 gift certificate to olympia sports, so then i was downstiars wrapin presents and i said what happened after that so its all good. but i talked to brittany : ).i think we might try and hang out some time durin break, and im gonna tell her everything, how i feel my age and w/e i need to say. but i hope it goes ok, she means a lot to me, and its not just like i want her cuz i want to go out with an older chick so i can brag and other stuff but like i seriously felt something, but i also kinda have this thing for this other girl...ahh lifes confusin, but if i could get brittany id b set , but that prob wont happen to w.e...later MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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