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U DuN nEeD tO nOe (destress) wrote,
@ 2003-09-22 14:43:00
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    Current mood:pissed off
    Current music:z| yUe (Oh my god, wo ting bu don, kan bu dong...)

    Destress from distress...
    |'m really discouraged...Usually, i don't go to the reading room as often, only on mondays and wednesdays, and the occasional thur...on thursday, when aaron wasn't there, i could hardly study...i was so upset i almost cried...lame, i know, but i really missed him. Then, on Sunday, well, he wasn't there again and i was even more put out and would have gone home early had my mother, who was sitting beside me, stopped me. She actually went there to mark her student's homework, and imagine my discomfort as she went over to a student using her teacher's attitude and told him to tone down the volume of his discman. Guess she was right though...Afterall, he was around 5 m away from me, but i could still hear the singer's voice even though the earphones were plugged into his ears...|||. It was like radio...

    Today is monday...well, i hope he will be there...i'm taking his picture using my friend's phone camera!! Yay!! He BETTER be there. And as for that friend who got me into trouble, well, my cousin's prediction came true...She said that from what she knew of that "friend", she would be v unpopular soon. Well, turns out loads of people hate her and one of her clique ignored her and the few of us ate reccess together, while she sat alone as her 2 other friends, one bitchy, one hypocritical, went for something...I know i should be sympathetic, and i tried to be, suggesting that we should ask her over, but my friend gave me a disgusted look and said, "Are you kidding?!" Well...evil begets evil...=P

    I saw Aaron during reccess...he's having his prelims, i think...i hope he can get into a good JC... I want to wish him luckm and encourage him, at least online, but i daren't...|||....Ha|xX...alvin, as usual, missed lessons today....well...mebbe not as usual, but as friend said it was cos he was often sick, diarrhoea...Poor thing...He seems so sporty, i mean....a bball star?! A soccer star?! But i guess if he gets sick often, he shohuld eat more healthily...He has a LARGE appetite...he once ate a plate of rice, and then, as i was gloomy as i thought ihe was finished and done, and leaving the canteen, where i had a good view of him, he came back with another plate....and another...well, hmm.....

    I'm getting a bit bitchy nowadays...i think i like it...i mean, it's damn hard to get hurt if u are bitchy...and my friends opinions on the "friend" are, summarised, "V self-centered, gets angry easily, can't take jokes, hurtful, Irresponsible, peer pressure..." Well, she once borrowed a miserable 3 dollars something from me...and so i asked her to help pay for my 1 dollar mean and cancel the debt, but she said, "3 dollars also must so stingy..." Halo?! i mean, if 3 dollars is supposed to be nothing, then why would she care about one dollar?!?! As my friend said, "3 dollars can go toilet for 30 times leh! and a bit lesser if the toilet more expensive...ask her dun you-know-what for 10 days lah!" o_O...and she owes my friend 100 dollars...she bought basketball shoes, and jersey plus shorts, and that was supposed to amount to at least 200 dollars...i mean, a pair of bball shoes is supposed to be 100 over already, but, with the jersey, my friend asked her to pay 100 only...and guess what? Weeks friend asked for the money, but she refused to pay up, and only returned 10 dollars so far...she used the same ole line..."Keep askin for money...moeny v impt ah!" I mean...HALO!!! my friend needs her money back!! OMG!!!! that gal makes me sick...and she threw down the 10 dollars at my friend, with a black look...HALO?! It should be my frined who's angry!!! ArGh!!! dun type liao...getting pissed!!!

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