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*Asian Eyes* (desiredbaby) wrote,
@ 2005-01-09 20:52:00
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    Current mood: naughty
    Current music:Ludacris: The Potion

    Ok so I went shopping today and got sooo much stuff i couldn't believe my mom spent that much money on me i have like all new clothes. Today was pretty good. Then I got some cds and stuff. New ear rings (of couze).. dye... lol yeah i did the underneath of my hair again (darker) cause tomorrow im getting the top done with my red and blonde highlights yay! I cant wait. Then desiree called me and was like gabby i gotta talk to u i was like umm ok thought she would have some bad news so she came over and was like gabby... guess who like u? I was like who!!! She was like Henry wants to talk to u i was like holy shit r u 4real!!! Henry?? really? She was telling me how pretty he thought i was and that i was beautiful omg :-) and he said i smelled good.....haha. She was like he said the boy Tori wanted my # but he really wanted it lol. But Tori really likes me 2 ahaha Im loving today!! This is all because i broke it downnnn at the party!!! Yeah once they saw me dance they had to have me! I knew it lol. Im so happy... it feels good to be happy 4 once. Im loving everything right now. Next weekend desiree and I r gonna go to the club yaaay!!!! Omg thats gonna be freakin amazing better clear the floor cause im gonna tear it up!!! ahaha im a geek!!! I miss alyssa its been harder now since she has a bf and im a pimp lol but yeah i love her. Write more lata muwah
    G Baby aka Asian Eyes

    MY GIRLS<<33
    Kuzzie Baby
    Dezzie Baby :-)

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