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Losa May (desert_dew_drop) wrote,
@ 2004-07-05 15:55:00
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    Current mood:thirsty
    Current music:conconjump - baka musume

    The time is going so slow... I got home this morning at about 6.30am, went to bed, twohours later everyone else was up being noisy as all hell, and meanwhile I'm feeling dizzy from lack of sleep and too much alcohol. Then mum decides to vacuum at 10am ...-_- so I'm just trying to sleep and then I still can't so I get up, the first thing Ebony says to me is, can I have $3. ...><|| so I take it out of my 'money jar' which everyone has just been taking money out of anyway... even tho it's my emergency transport money. (I woke up like 12.30 by they way)

    I was supposed to go to family too last nite, but I forgot. but its all good, I had fun at the beat. XD

    Mari almost lost her bag again... and Eva did loose her cigerette case. luckily Rie had Mari's bag, but Eva cigerette case thingy had been handed in to the manager. So I had to run around looking for Jason... who I didn't know was the manager... yet I'm pretty sure I'd met him before, somewhere else tho, not at teh Beat. *shrugs* so that was lucky. Oh, and then I met Amanda and her friend Damian, anyway we were dancing... and then her friend was like, shit I've lost my shirt O_o and we had to look for it, but of course someone had stolen it. (air head)

    China teased me too. shithead. She's like, (in japanese) yeah yeah Mari, Losa can speak japanese really well... and then for like 30mins they refused to speak english to me... >< it was alright, cept I was drunk, so they speaking in japanese and I was replying in english...

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