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Losa May (desert_dew_drop) wrote,
@ 2004-07-01 21:58:00
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    Current mood:apathetic

    イライラ!!!! >
    dagnamit! what is the justification of getting a loan to pay off a loan! how does that work, it doesn't!! you still have money to pay back, only now, you have a different group breathing down your back about giving them money...gah!! fucking stupid retarded. (><;)

    I don't wanna live here anymore, but I don't have the money to move out. Why? cos they fucking borrowed it off me and now I don't have the money to get on my own two feet and be independant which is what i wanna do!!!!!!!!!! (T_T) *sigh* I'll just stay here, put up with eating microwave shit... just like, in japan... only I'm living with my parents. that kinda makes it sad.

    meh, I'm just all morbid cos mum's fussing about in the kitchen, yelling about how she wants to get another loan, so stupid. AND THEN SHE THROWS AT ME THAT I HAVE A CREDIT CARD!!! what what what??!! am I getting a loan to pay off my credit card NO! fuckin hell!! I'm living in poverty to pay it off, just like I'd be living in poverty while I saved up for everything I wanted, only now I have it and I'm living in poverty still but hey! ... besides, I'm already in enough debt with uni fees. (;_;)

    I wouldn't be living here if mum didn't borrow my money off me.

    ...and that's all I'm saying...

    meanwhile, all I wanna do is sleep. don't wanna do anything. its holidays, I don't even wanna meet up with anyone. Although I am supposed to be meeting huniyo. meh. ...well, it would be cool if I could speak korean too... *grrr*, I would sleep under my aunties house, on the hammock, if I couldn't stand it anymore, but obviously its not so bad, cos I can handle it still...

    I'm mean, I've only been putting up with my mums bullshit since as long as I can remember. ...*childhood memories* ...(-_-')

    another 20yrs couldn't be that bad. besides, I'm so not gonna live anywhere near her by that time.

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