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satu (desdemona2453) wrote,
@ 2003-10-24 10:09:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:adam's song by blink 182

    last time
    well this weekend is the last time that i go abck hoe cause we are movin this weekend. i stay at college while my parents move to north carolina.......gog i hate that fucking state. but yeah......i hopw that this time i feel better than alst week at least. last sunday i lay in my bed and just wanted to die there, just not move and die there, then i wouldn't be the one left alone (i know i was being selfish but you know you really don't think about other ppl when you're in a mood like that). it kinda scared me cause i have never had that thought before in my life. i really hope that this weekend is better. oh i ahev to go to zabar's and get a cake for the guests, they're bringing chilli ^_^ yay chilli. oh and tomorrow i'm metting up with ksen before i leave the city. we'll probaby hang out for a couple of hours and then i'll catch the 9pm train back out here. need to study for tests and write paper. oh i also spent 2 hrs last night playin pool in the down stairs rec room. and tanja, joanna, krista and i went to the disney night waffal barr at roth (this was after we had fod already mind you) i comsmed the most because not only did i eat all of my food at eob (the others took their left overs to go) i also was the only one who finished the waffals with teh ice cream. i hope my hair dries soon cause i have a review session at 10am.

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