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Stef (depardesprit) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 19:39:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:'The Proud Family' theme stuck in my head. Please shoot me.

    Je suis indie.
    So this is my second journal... the totally edited, positive shit version. Yeah, the real version, the blog that includes all of painful traumatic terrible SHIT is somewhere else, but since I don't want that stuff exposed, I made this blog to tell about the simple, happy occurrences. Basically, I went through all of the other blog's entries and transferred 'em over here.

    Looking back through the entries, I learned a thing or two...

    Things I was right about:
    -Mrs. VK is crazy
    -Mrs. Brown is cool

    Things I was wrong about:
    -Matt is a creepy freak who should stay AWAY
    -Mrs. Kenner is NOT "Mrs. Kenner", and she is NOT nice, she is a total fucking bitch.
    -I don't hang out with Christel anymore

    And that bes it.

    Wow. Looking at the entries, I realize that I smoke an ungodly amount of marijuana. Well it certainly calms my frazzled nerves... I don't forget my worries, but I remember that there's hope. And it makes my back feel oh-so-not-sore anymore!

    Whoa... I just swiveled to the side and my back cracked all pop-like.

    I need to get a good night's sleep tonight for no stress in the AM. Ugh, report cards are soon... well, I'll have an A in English II H, a B+ in Biology (blodge) H, a B in Geometry H, and an A+ in French, I figure. That'll give me a GPA of... 4.375! Woo hoo!

    I'm pissed at my blodge grade, though. It was because I forgot a HW or two. It's sad, because I get all 100s on the tests... I should have a better grade... ahhh whatever.

    Je te plumerai!


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