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Stef (depardesprit) wrote,
@ 2003-08-24 17:22:00
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    Current mood: nervous
    Current music:Pixies - "Debaser"

    BBQ4Lyf, yo
    Two big things for tonight's entry:



    Yesterday, me and AV went to the eye place and I got the first pair of contacts. :D I wore contacts 3.5 years ago, so I know how to put them in... but whoa! It was weird. My vision was a lot sharper and... is that ME?! I looked like a completely different person without my glasses. Tis weird. When I look in the mirror, my first reaction for the past 48 hours (and probably for some more) was "Whoa! Who's that?! Oh yeah, that's me". Well not really... but you know what I mean. Plus, it's a reflex every time my glasses are slipping to push them up. So lately, I've been putting my hand up to push my glasses up... and I realize nothing's there! It's funny, actually.

    Today, I went to AV's at one, and we BBQed. M was there (did I include in here that I had a talk with her Friday night at grandma's and now relations are good?) and so was Glenn. It was very cool... :) Very enjoyable day. I got to listen to the two greatest Pixies albums, Surfer Rosa and Doolittle, for the first time in about a month. (I'd lost my copies! Eep!) So it was nice to sit and eat good food and listen to good music, just feelin all nice. It was very very cool! :D <333

    Saturday, my hair was already coloured red for the day (one day crazy colour... I love it.) and then M bought me purple, so I put purple streaks in. I put deely-boppers (the headband with the springy antenae) on, and a bunch of funny rings I came across, and some other stuff.... and next thing you know, I was Steffy Stardust. The magical being who comes to people on psychedelic drug trips :)

    And tomorrow... SCHOOL! Okay, so I've only set foot into the building once. I have no idea where my classrooms are. I have no idea what my schedule is. I only know a few people there.... but it'll get me out of the house. I have so many mixed emotions, but the last reason mentioned is definitely the reason for the emotion "excited". But I'm very nervous. Very very nervous. Oh well... I think I'll do fine...

    My nails are painted black, and I drew a pirate skull and crossbones with a milky pen on each thumb. Yarr harrr!

    ... O_O

    Okay I'll tell you about tomorrow... tomorrow. I gotta go and do stuff.... AAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHH OH HO HO HO HO UHA UHA UHA OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    That's the sounds I'd like to be able to make whenever I think about school, but I can't, so I worte them in here. I hope you enjoyed.

    I'm off like a prom dress,

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